Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer in a nut shell

WOW! Our summer went way too fast, it always does. We started school this week with the kids which makes summer officially over in the O'Connor house. Summer was great but it's good to be back in a routine.

Here are some highlights of our summer

Our newest addition
Joel Philip O'Connor born on July4:)

What a blessing he has been!

Our oldest, Elijah, decided to become a follower of Jesus and was baptized.
(another joy filled day!)

We got to spend some time catching up with family

Adah took advantage of the fact that her mommy has been a busy lady.

We spent some time outdoors

(I would not recommend trying to hike a trail and nurse a baby at the same time, it was not easy)

And at the pool

We enjoyed the fruits (& veggies) of our labor in the garden, even though the crazy weather did some of our plants in.

We just hung out

Joel started smiling:)

And still loves snuggling,

(I get less snuggle time because everyone wants to snuggle him)

What a great summer it has been