Saturday, February 21, 2009


I love when kids don't know a word for something and they insert either a made up word or a real word that isn't accurate to describe it. If Matt hasn't shaved his face in a day or two Micah will come up to him, feel his face, and declare that Daddy has sprinkles on his face. I'm not sure how his little brain came up with that one but I absolutely LOVE that he calls Matt's stubble his sprinkles! It's so cute.
Well Micah has tubes in his ears and when they are infected the puss drains out of his ear, so sometimes in the mornings if his ears are draining, he'll have some dried puss in his ear and the other day he woke up and announced that he had sprinkles in his ear (the dried drainage) and wanted me to get them out. After we cleaned his ear I asked him how he got sprinkles in his ear? He told me that Daddy put them there last night. Too cute! I know 2's (almost 3!) can be challenging but when they say the sweetest, cutest, or funniest thing, it makes it easier.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's a boy!

Baby's Profile

Baby sucking thumb

Baby's arm

Baby's bottom, legs, & boy parts

We had our ultrasound last week and were anxious to find out if we were expecting another boy or girl. Matt and I both thought it was a boy and we were right..another boy! We are very excited to welcome our newest little guy this summer. The kids are all very excited (although Anna was a little upset the first day at the thought of another brother). Micah has been telling me the baby in his belly is kicking a lot lately even though we explain daily that only girls can have babies in their's so cute to hear him talk about the baby.
The whole ultrasound process still amazes would think after the 6th baby it might get old but it doesn't. It is such an amazing thing to watch a little life moving and growing inside. It's still just as exciting if not more than the first time. What a great God to bless us again with a sweet little boy, we are so thankful and can't wait to meet our new son.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Poor Baby

Poor little Adah had a nasty fall this morning, she fell out of her booster seat onto the tile was not a pretty site. Her two front bottom teeth were knocked forward and were bleeding pretty badly. I called her pediatrician since Elijah and Anna had check ups already scheduled for 8:30 they told me to bring her in too, so we all packed up and headed to the dr. Her gums were still bleeding when we got to the dr. at 8:30. They looked like they were going to fall out and after checking them out the dr. told me thankfully she hadn't messed up her jaw but likely broke the bones of her teeth and needed to see the after an hour and a half at the doctor for checkups and her visit we all went to the dentist. Thankfully the dentist is minutes away from the doctor. They took her right back and the dentist came right in. He said her teeth were fractured and since they can't cast her mouth, it's now a waiting game. It's very likely she'll loose both teeth, either they'll fall out (especially if she falls or bumps them in the next several days) or they'll die and then likely fall out. There is a chance they'll heal but it didn't sound like a good chance of that. He did try to manually move her teeth back into position as much as she could tolerate, again not a pretty thing. But they do look a little better now that he moved them back into place a little more. She's supposed to eat soft foods and liquids for while so she happily ate a frosty from Wendy's for lunch:) I came home and removed all toys that she can climb on or hard toys she puts in her mouth, I'm trying to keep her from reinjuring them. She goes back in 2 weeks for a recheck.
I have had a huge knot in my stomach since the fall. Teeth injuries are one of my biggest fears ever since Elijah had a fall when he was 4 and lost his top front tooth-he was toothless for 4 years. And now it's happened again! I'm considering getting mouthguards for all my kids that they wear from when they wake till bedtime, seriously! I just can't take the thought of my sweet little baby going through the next 7 or 8 years with no bottom front teeth. I have been praying for complete restoration and healing since it happened, I really don't want her to loose her teeth!
Here are two pictures from this morning, these are from after the dentist moved the teeth back into position, but they are still sticking forward a little but not nearly so bad.