Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Fun

The kids huddled together to watch Elijah play his ds
some of the lettuce from our garden (this was only about 1/4 of what we harvested yesterday..we'll be eating meals with lettuce for weeks:)

Adah munching on some fresh lettuce

Anna snacking on some lettuce (my girls LOVE to eat fresh stuff out of the garden)

Micah getting ready to go fishing with Daddy

We had one of those glorious weekends this past week where we really had nothing planned. That's not to say we didn't do anything but it was just a great laid back weekend. I love weekends like this.
Matt took Micah fishing by himself Saturday morning. Micah has been begging to get into some sort of activity or sport like his older brothers but we have told him time and time again he's too young or too little. So Matt thought he'd take him to get donuts for breakfast and then go fishing, just the two of them. They had a great time just Daddy and Micah.
Then in the afternoon, I took the older 3 kids to the pool while Matt and the two little ones rested. They came up later and met us for some family swimming time.
Sunday we worked in the garden in the morning before church then headed to church and lunch. We came home, I rested while Matt played with the kids. We enjoyed some of the fresh lettuce and dill that came from the garden earlier in the day with our dinner. Then got everyone bathed and into bed.
What a great weekend at home with the family. It's so nice to be able to take a break from the busy life and enjoy time together.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

D-1 All Star Team
Elijah pitching

Elijah playing 1st base

Gearing up to catch

Matt and Adah watching the game

Matt and Elijah

Matt and Levi

Matt and Anna

Matt and Micah

What a day yesterday! Father's Day was a busy one at the O'Connor house yesterday. We started with church, followed by lunch. Elijah played in his division all star baseball game in the afternoon. It was hot! I wasn't sure if I'd last the whole day after the game (I was pretty miserable from the heat but really enjoyed watching my boy play in the all star game); after cooling down we headed home and had a cook out for some of the dad's in our life.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Brotherly Love

Adah and Elijah have a special bond, not sure what it is but the two of them are adorable to watch together. Adah loves for her "lijah" to hold her and snuggle with her. She calls his name in the morning sometimes to get her out of bed. She thinks he is just great. The other day after his baseball game he laid on the couch, Adah crawled up beside him to snuggle (and steal some of his candy).
What a great big brother:)


This year I decided to plant a bigger garden, as if 5 kids and being 9 months pregnant isn't enough work! What was I thinking?! Actually it's been great so far and I can't wait to enjoy more fresh fruits and veggies. Here's a glimpse of some of what we're growing and how it's grown in the past few weeks.

Strawberry plants several weeks ago, just getting started

Strawberry plants now in their new home

I have 4 different lettuce types growing, we have already enjoyed fresh salads several times. I have a romaine, a mixed baby greens, spinach and bibb lettuce. Also have a row of 3 different types of carrots planted which are sprouted and starting to look good.

These are the lettuce rows a month ago

These are the lettuce rows now, they really need to be thinned again

Bed number 1 has peanuts, 2 rows of different types of peas, 2 rows of different types of beans, and watermelon

Bed #1 a month ago

Bed #1 now, the peas are starting to climb. a couple peanut plants have emerged. The beans are doing well and watermelon is growing too

onions a month ago

onions now


Bed #2 has basil, dill, and lots of tomatoes, and peppers

Bed #3 has tomatoes and some space for something other than the weeds currently taking up the space (any suggestions?)

I also have cilantro, cucumber, tomato, a blueberry bush and parsley in pots

I can't wait to enjoy more good fresh food throughout the summer

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Track & Field Day

Getting ready for the events to start
Micah and Adah watching Anna run

Elijah doing long jump
Elijah and friends at lunch
Levi enjoying ice cream after the events
Adah's loved her very own ice cream cone!
A good end to a good afternoon
Anna and Levi

Last Friday the kids and I packed up and headed to Winton Woods for a fun track & field day for homeschoolers. We had a blast! The kids really enjoyed all the events and getting to spend time with some of their friends as well as meet some new ones. Afterward, I took them to the Creamy Whip in Greenhills for ice cream, they loved that too! By the time we got home from the festivities we were all exhausted but we had to keep moving, there was still tball, baseball, and cake orders to do that evening. We all crashed that night. Life is sure busy around here sometimes but it's good and I wouldn't trade these moments with my family for anything.