Thursday, August 5, 2010

House Reorganization

July was a busy month for us. We decided that our house needed to be reorganized to better fit our family we began with laundry and clothes because it's the hardest thing to keep up with and keep organized. So we decided on putting closets for the kids in the basement near the washer and dryer. We put in 3 large wardrobes and divivded the kids by room, each room getting one wardrobe. The majority of the kids clothes now go directly from the dryer to the closets, no more laundry baskets or mounds of clothes:) The kids can keep pj's, socks, underwear and an outfit or two for the next couple of days in their bedroom closets. It has been a complete turn around for our laundry challenges. I am soooo glad we did it!
We also reorganized our bedroom and the family room. And Matt did the garage. The basement is still a work in progress but it's getting there.
We are also getting ready to move the kids bedrooms around. Elijah and Micah will move (once I finish the painting and decorating) into one room and Levi and Joel will share the other boys room. For the past year and a half Matt's dad was staying with us until his retirement went through and it did and he just moved out so we have been getting his old room ready for Elijah and Micah to move in. I'm still not sure if the boys will like being in seperate rooms after being together for so long. We will see what happens.
We also started school this week:) Which is great so far! I forgot how much easier life is with a good schedule.
Pictures will be posted soon:)

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