Monday, July 20, 2009

Baby Joel Week 2

Joel sleeping near the front garden week 1
Micah kissing Joel

Adah kissing Joel at the zoo, she LOVES her brother

Levi watching over his new little brother

Elijah adores baby Joel

Anna is a little mommy to him

Sweet lil' boy

Well I've been a mommy to 6 a little over 2 weeks now and things are going well. Joel is a precious little guy, we are all crazy about him. Just the other day Anna told me she loved him so much she just wants to hold him and hug and kiss him all day. I feel the same way, he's just so sweet. Even when he's having a fussy night, I don't mind; I know from having gone through it 5 times before that he'll grow so fast so I'm trying to enjoy each moment I can while he's still small.

Being a mom isn't usually convenient and it's hardly easy but it is such a great job to have:)


Traci said...

ahhh.. he is soo sweet!!! I love that picture with his name spelled out in magnets!!

Invited In said...

So cute. I love that babies sleep just about any where. I noticed that Joel is on Levi's blanket? Or maybe Micah's that I made...I can't remember which one of the boys it was for. Would you like another one of those blankets or would you like a quilt? I am going to make one of them but I wanted to see which one you would like or use most.

Kim said...

He's so sweet! I need to see that little guy again! Enjoy the time. If he grows as fast as Leah, in a blink, he will be sitting, wanting cereal and teething! :)