Sunday, July 12, 2009

Joel's First Week

Grandma Janet, Joel, Adah & Matt
Pepaw with Joel

Uncle Drew & Joel

Aunt Barbara

Anna & Joel

What a sweetie

Adah & Joel getting ready for the pool

Grandpa O'Connor & Joel

Grandma O'Connor & Joel
nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby

Elijah & Joel

The kids at the museum

Levi & Joel

Micah loving his baby brother

Adah enjoying her new brother

She did not want to let her baby go

Daddy & Joel

We had an awesome first week with our newest little guy Joel here. Matt took the whole week off and we had a vacation at home. Matt took the 5 older kids to the Air Force museum, the pool, Dave & Busters for a few hours throughout the week so I could rest and spend some time with the baby. Matt and Elijah got to spend some father/son time at Spirit Song at Kings Island Thursday night. We spent most of our mornings and evenings together hanging out, playing games, reading books, and just enjoying one another.
The transition from 5 to 6 kids has been seamless so far. He is so sweet and fits right into the family as if he's always been here. The kids adore their new brother as do we.
I feel so blessed to have such an awesome husband and great children.


Kim said...

Congratulations again! What a beautiful family you have! Take care of yourself too, I hope you are getting some rest!

Invited In said...

I love your family. What would we do without the OConnor family? You are all so special to us Baldwins. A family of eight now!!! What a blessing:)